Dynafit Andorra Trail

Andorra Trail REGULATION

Dynafit Andorra Trail is a race for teams of two people.
Each participant of Dynafit Andorra Trail is obligated to have the federation card of competition or equivalent insurance.

Dorsals are personal and non-transferable.

The teams must be made up of 2 people of legal age, be aware and responsible for both the difficulty of the route and their physical and technical preparation.
Throughout the course of the race the team members must go together and under no circumstances may they be separated for more than 20 seconds.
If a runner can not continue, his teammate can not continue the race, the Team will be disqualified at the time of abandonment of one of its components. In the event that a team leaves the race, it must notify the organization.

If the team does not finish one stage, you can not take the exit in the next stage in any of the cases. It is not possible to make team changes between the participants and you can not leave alone or with anyone other than the same registered couple.
The final result of the race will be given by the sum of the three stages.

In the event that one of the two teams leaves and the other wants to leave the next day, they can do so in the individual category and the team will be abandoned in the previous stages.

All runners must follow the circuit marked by the organization, In the sections shared with vehicles the rules of the traffic code must be respected and the indications of the volunteers and organizers always be followed.

The stages will have a cutoff schedule that the runners will have to respect, the organization can vary the schedules if it thinks appropriate.

All brokers must be self-employed between supplies in liquid or solid form.

The compulsory material must be carried out throughout the entire test. You can check it in any control. In case you do not carry it, the team can be penalized or disqualified. -See compulsory material-

There will be no glasses in the supplies, for this reason the eco glass is mandatory.

The number must be visible at all times during the test.

Every abandonment must be communicated to the controls obligatorily. The organization will give guidelines to follow the runners leaving.

Each runner will have to sign the regulation IN FER INSCRIPCIÓN and in this way it accepts his participation under his responsibility. The organization declines all responsibility in case of personal or material damage suffered by its own or third parties arising from the celebration of the race.
All minors will need authorization from their guardians to run the race.

The organization reserves the right to change, modify the route due to major causes and / or go on an alternative route and may even cancel or stop the test.
In case of cancellation of the test for major causes, the inscription of the race will not be reimbursed.

The Organization reserves the right to modify and extend the insurance coverage requested to the participants, in accordance with the provisions of the law in force at any time.
For everything not provided for in this regulation, the organization may enforce the regulations of the FAM.
Click here to download the PDF of the regulation

Clean CO2

The Dynafit Andorra Trail since 2021 calculates and compensates for its carbon footprint

Help us to be a zero emissions event. The organization has obtained the certificate of compensation from the United Nations that accredits its neutrality in all its editions.

With your collaboration we will make the Andorra Trail have a Zero impact on the environment, offsetting the emissions we generate.
#respectmemelmedi #zeroemisions #eventsustainable​.

Andorra Trail

Dynafit Andorra Trail, is an innovative Trail-Running race in the country, as it is the first mountain race for stages and teams of 2 people.

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